Profiling Candidates using Tarot Numerology

It’s October 2016 and US citizens are just weeks away from electing new representation, or re-electing incumbent candidates. Tarot Numerology is an ideal way to profile candidates to determine their core gifts and challenges in office, and in life.

In 2008 I created a weblog post about Barack Obama who had just been elected president of the United States of America. Here is a link to that post.

I would like to briefly examine each of the major four presidential nominees (in alphabetical order) and a few words about each archetype in the role of president.

Hillary ClintonDemocrat
Born: October 26, 1947 (68)
Life cards: Empress and World/Universe (shadow = Hanged Man)
— Clinton is a mother and has a great deal of compassion, as well as a powerful voice for women around the world. She has worldly awareness, experience, and could be a caring leader if given that opportunity. What she continues to work on is her ability to sacrifice ego and other attachments to the material realm. Her world, and as president, our world, would likely be turned upside down, again (2001), unless conscious sacrifices are made.

Gary JohnsonLibertarian
Born: January 1, 1953 (63)
Life cards: High Priestess and Judgement (shadow = Justice/Balance)
— I find it fascinating when a male leader appears with a feminine archetype. These are the same archetypes that propelled Obama to his presidency. The qualities of listening deeply and not rushing to take sides is an excellent skill for negotiations. With the Justice/Balance cards as shadow challenges, weighing both sides and making judgment calls will be viewed as a weakness for this candidate, much as it has been with Obama.

Jill SteinGreen
Born: May 14, 1950 (66)
Life cards: Chariot (shadow = Tower)
— Stein as a Chariot is a mover, shaker, and social activist, especially when she embraces her Tower potential to transform. Chariot people are visionaries who put their ideas into action with the understanding that all they touch changes. This scares most people, preferring their comfort zones and thus Stein’s energy triggers their resistance.

Donald TrumpRepublican
Born: June 14, 1946 (70)
Life cards: Emperor and Fool (shadow = Death)
— Stating the obvious, Trump is the quintessential Emperor. The question to ask for his presidency would be whether he utilizes his fatherly/leadership skills to uplift others or overpower them. I touch upon this idea briefly in another weblog post….here. My observation is he has played his Fool card in the way he wears his hair and in his reality TV persona….”You’re fired.” Even his campaign persona has been impulsive, in the moment with no thought of consequence. Add to this Trump’s relationship with Death…surrender, endings, bankruptcy, ego release. All these qualities were present in his answer in the October 19 debate to the question about how he would respond to the election results. How would you judge his progress with his shadow challenge?

Of course there is so much more I could write on this topic, including year cards that represent the path ahead for each candidate. Please feel free to read the linked weblog posts for more information on this topic.

If you would like to learn more about using Tarot Numerology as a powerful profiling technique, please check out my 2-part webinar, “Pathworking with Tarot Numerology” on Global Spiritual Studies.

Fascinating profile additions:

Donald Trump’s astrological birth chart – What I notice immediately is all personal and most collective houses are occupied with no relational houses activated. From my personal point of view this explains his lack of social and interpersonal skills. His Sun is in Gemini, thus his reliance upon talking about his ideas and dreams (Neptune).


Jill Stein’s astrological birth chart – A fellow Taurian, no wonder I like Dr. Stein, plus we are both Chariot “activists.” Her sun is in the 10th house and shows her leadership qualities and earth-based values. Mercury is almost conjunct, but mostly expresses her ability to communicate to the collective about her core values, a message which expresses her concern for the collective. What stands out for me as well is her Chiron (Wounded Healer) in the house of Leo trine to Pluto in Leo in the 12th house, which gives me the impression that her leadership is a karmic calling for healing the collective, sort of taking her medical/healing calling into the next dimension. A mostly well-rounded horoscope, she has her share of squares (tension, stress, obstacles) and trines (flow, harmony). For another interpretation of this chart, please check out this webpage.


Gary Johnson’s astrological birth chart – (no image) Governor Johnson’s chart is incomplete, lacking a time of birth. There is a focal point with the conjunction of Saturn and Neptune in Libra, which might be interpreted as having a restricting influence on his dreams, something he must constantly balance, and may be challenged when it comes to making decisions. This personal tension is echoed with the opposition between his Capricorn Sun and Cancer Moon, the archetypal father and mother, respectively. Keep in mind, his Tarot Numerology also revealed this “shadow” challenge with Justice/Balance. For a view of his chart, please check out this webpage.

Hillary Clinton’s astrological birth chart – strongly occupies four quadrants, roughly a bucket distribution, but has many squares (tension, stress, obstacles) with some trines (flow, harmony). But look at her first house!!! Lots of Scorpio in the 1st house (Aries) to get things initiated, but where does she go to complete what is started? Second significant sign is Leo in the 10th house (Capricorn), her paternal instincts, including her Mars. Don’t get me started on her Mars-Pluto conjunction in Leo….oye. For another interpretation of this chart, please check out this webpage.


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