Fun Summer a-Comin’

In the Pacific Northwest, summer is full of wonderful gatherings, especially those out in nature. Here are two of my favorite gatherings that I have a significant role in organizing for the enjoyment of many…


The Mothership (M55) A Body~Mind~Spirit Healing Oasis at the OREGON COUNTRY FAIRJuly 8-10, 2016 (open on Thursday for Fair Family)

Celebrating my 16th year with the Mothership, I offer professional readings, including Tarot Consulting, Petite Lenormand, Dreamwork, and Soulful Counseling services.

Stop in for a 30-minute reading for only $40…my special OCF price.

Find “OCF Mothership booth” on Facebookhere

20th Annual TAROT RETREAT at Earth Heaven – July 29-31, 2016TR_14-MichelleWirta.edit

Tarot lovers gather at the Oregon Coast, deep in the forest for three days of celebration and new experiences with the Tarot and other oracles.

“XX Judgement” is the theme, transcending duality, with wonderful, transforming exercises.

So excited to have Tarot scholar, Christine Payne-Towler, as this year’s honorable guest, known for her historical articles on and her classic deck/book, Tarot of the Holy Light.


The Tarot Temple at Earth Heaven is a beautiful and unique environment well suited for delving more deeply into your interest in Tarot, whether beginning or professional.


Plus, free camping and yummy, healthy meals are included.

Contact Katrina for more information…link here for contact.

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