Significance of Significators

They say the best way to learn something is to try to teach it….so true!!

After over 40 years of studying Tarot, I truly enjoy learning more, such as during research for my Reader’s Studio 2016Study Group topic, The Significance of Significators. When I created this presentation topic I thought it would be fun to introduce new and advanced Tarot students to the multiple reasons and ways to work with signifying cards in readings.

I really wanted this to be a comprehensive study of this technique so I set out to review many of the books in my metaphysical library as well as check out articles on the subject of significators on the internet. What is amazing is how much I already knew as well as things I had forgotten, plus some interesting new perspectives I’ve gathered from others.


Here is a quick outline of topics I explore, combined with handouts and exercises for many of these techniques as we go through them together in the workshop:

  1. What is a significator: a card or cards selected to represent the personality of the querent or the focus of the reading.
  2. Reasons for using signifying cards before or during a reading.
  3. Ways of identifying a significator before the reading:
    1. Technique
    2. Intention
    3. Intuition
    4. Random
  4. Types of cards and ways to use them:
    1. Tarot cards: court, majors, minors, full deck
      1. Classic — physical characteristics, Arthur Waite style
      2. Personality — elements, intuitive impression of the client
      3. Contemporary — court card interpretation
      4. Male/Female — masculine / feminine
      5. Random — shuffle and select
      6. Symbolic — symbol in card connects with querent
      7. Movement & Direction
      8. Astrology — appearance, sun sign, birth date
      9. Numerology — birth date
      10. Kabbalah — courts on Tree of Life, Four Worlds
      11. Psychological — Myer-Briggs
      12. Spreads — signifier card placement in various spreads
    2. Playing cards
    3. Petite Lenormand cards:
      1. People cards
      2. Object cards
      3. Location cards

UPDATE – I’ve expanded this topic and created a truly detailed, 2-part recorded online course, The Significance of Significators, available on my Global Spiritual Studies page…link here.

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