Seven Years of Weblogging!

It has been seven years since I started this weblog site, My Sacred Journey on My webmistress, Lisa Gray, recommended this online venue as a way to bring me out of my shell and to write more. She was so right about this opportunity. After all this time, it has grown stronger and has become a special part of my life where I can share with the world.

My Sacred Journey weblog incorporates many of my interests, including Tarot, my course offerings, my annual Tarot Tour and Tarot Retreat, counseling skills, spirituality, and many more. Have fun viewing my slide show photos from my many adventures. Look up people and topics in the “Search” box.

Around the same time this weblog launched, I had joined Facebook and began to explore this social networking site. One of the first group activities I participated in was this challenge….”25 Random Things About Me” for which I added this weblog post.

I just reread my thoughts in this 2009 stream-of-consciousness experiment and realized all the things I have accomplished…wow!!

  • Not only do I write a monthly weblog post here, but have published two books and write regularly for two of the most popular Tarot magazines.
  • The post on my hair is my most visited page on this weblog site.
  • I have written several articles on this weblog about Tarot Counseling, a style of Tarot work I have developed and successfully promoted around the world.
  • My Tarot school and certificate course finally went online two years ago, now with 17 webinar and other recordings, some of them free on Global Spiritual Studies.
  • Coming out of my Forest Mystic Closet – now I travel to Tarot conferences and Tarot Meetups on my annual Tarot Tours, teaching and visiting Tarot friends around the world. My 10-year commitment to offering this service is halfway completed with exciting new destinations in the works for the coming years.
  • Returned to my photographic artwork and created two Tarot cards for two separate deck projects and had a piece in the Tarot Art Show in Portland this year.
  • Have my own YouTube channel, “SacredRosePro” where I post short videos I produce.
  • Started a podcast with Gina Thies, Oracle Soup, which draws from my years with radio. In addition, I have had the honor of being the guest on a variety of podcasts produced by others.
  • Put my drumming and beadworking on pause for now due to my commitment to Tarot.

To find easy links to my various media products and appearances, please visit the “Media” page on my page.

Learn more about my recorded lessons on my “Webinars” page.

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