Death Day Card

In Tarot Numerology, we always look to our “Birth Cards” aka “Life Cards” to reflect our life purpose and challenges. By aligning with the lessons of these cards and their archetypal wisdom, we can tap into our true potential in this lifetime.

A Birth Card is set on one’s birth date, signifying the character of that life. This profile system can also be applied to reveal the theme for entities, such as events, businesses, as well as relationships. Another way of thinking about this is viewing it as a “creation myth”…why this entity came into being. This understanding can lend meaning to one’s life or the focus of the entity.

bhlqromagical-trio-film-oregon-country-fair-71An event example I share in my classes is the Life Card reading I did for the Oregon Country Fair, where readers such as myself and Carrie Paris enjoy working with the wacky, wonderful, folks who attend. My dear friend, LB Johnson, is a fabulous videographer who created her film, The Magical Trio, based on the phrase I use to describe these three Birth Cards; The Magician, The Wheel of Fortune, and The Sun (1-10-19). She weaves my reading of each card’s meaning with the footage of this magical fair.

After 30 years of studying the many faces and uses of what I call, “Pathworking with Tarot Numerology” I have discovered new and deeper connections to how Tarot reflects our path and purpose in life. One of my realizations is that the date of death is the omega to the alpha of one’s Life Card. The “Death Day Card” can represent the tone one’s life ended upon, whether their potential was actualized or left in the shadows, or speaks to the challenges in one’s next incarnation.

For this example I used someone who was born with the Hermit/Moon Life Card cluster. For the purpose of this weblog, here is a brief interpretation of these archetypes as Birth Cards, then, I extend that lifelong potential to it’s completion as represented by the Death Day Card.


774d9ab8b4bbf53c03658b0f78598ceaA Hermit/Moon Birth Card can speak to a life purpose resonating with being, rather than doing. Who they are overshadows what they do. Hermit’s focus is more internal, reflective, self-centered or self-aware, with the Moon element inviting them to bring deep karmic issues to the surface for resolution.

In this example, this Hermit/Moon person’s Death Day Card was also the Hermit, but the Moon was their “shadow” or “hidden factor” card, as described by Mary Greer in her book, Who are you in the Tarot?. My quick observation is that this person was born with the potential to raise awareness of old, life-challenging issues, bringing them to light…but chose to ignore them, thus leaving their issues in the shadow of the Moon. My prognosis is that this person will be returning to the planet to continue working on their unresolved karmic material.

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