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Global Spiritual Studies is home base to the many educational and inspiring professional webinars I create. Below is a summary of what is available….from Beginning Tarot to advanced topics for readers of all oracles, as well as my very popular Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course. Just follow the link from each class title to read more about or to order that program. Be sure to check out my three free recordings too!


SJ-boxSacred Journey of Your Soul – through the major arcana of the Tarot  my most popular class, is now more exciting as a webinar. In the webinar format I am able to enrich this presentation with many visual demonstrations via the PowerPoint presentation that is displayed throughout the class.

Tarot’s Major Arcana portrays the essence of our archetypal journey through life, the “Hero’s Journey” as expressed by Joseph Campbell.

Dynamic information for all levels of Tarot experience, from novice to expert, is shared. Helpful handouts are provided.

This can be purchased as a stand alone webinar, or bundled in the “Beginning Tarot – Knowledge” 3-part series.

PTCC-TarotKnowledge-IntroBEGINNING TAROT – KNOWLEDGE  includes these three classes:

“Introduction to Tarot Knowledge” In this free class Katrina presents an introduction to Tarot for the modern student of the 21st century. Experience Katrina’s style of teaching as you learn some new facts about Tarot, and about exciting opportunities to study further with her.

“Sacred Journey of Your Soul – through the major arcana of the Tarot”  my most popular class, is now more exciting as a webinar. In the webinar format I am able to enrich this presentation with many visual demonstrations via the PowerPoint presentation that is displayed throughout the class.

“The Grid of Life – the Minor Arcana” introduces instant and easy ways to relate to the Minor Arcana cards through Katrina’s Grid of Life technique, and explores the many faces of the people (court) cards.

imageTarot, Magic, & Transformation introduces the elements that promote a more powerful reading for yourself and your clients.

Katrina developed her unique style of reading over the past 25 years based on her studies of transformative modalities and their specific steps to support change.

As with most of her teachings, this webinar/DVD explores practical, psychological and spiritual motifs that can be applied to deepen your Tarot work. Influences such as the research of Swiss Analyst, Carl Jung, to the magical understandings of Israel Regardie of the Golden Dawn, contribute to the structural foundation of this developmental philosophy.

  • Learn the four stages of change
  • Explore these four stages from a variety of sources, from philosophy and psychology to classic literature, theater, and film
  • Participate in the individual exercises demonstrated
  • Ask questions during the live webinar

The material presented complements and enhances the concepts introduced in Katrina’s book, An Introduction to Transformative Tarot Counseling – the High Art of Reading

06Sexual Symbolism and Meaning in Tarot, Part 1 & 2” Sexual energy and symbols are integral aspects of Tarot wisdom. Whether viewing the Magician’s ‘wand’ or the pregnant belly of the Empress, symbols can be overt or quite subtle. In these two master classes on symbolism you learn ways to relate to the message of each card and enrich your understanding of their deeper, more personal meanings. You also come to understand that sensual aspects of Tarot imagery can be applied to readings about any issue, not just relationships.

Come and enjoy this colorful, sometimes titillating, presentation to explore the sensual side of Tarot and other oracles. You’ll be treated to a diverse array of cards – from the romantic, to the sensual, sexy, and erotic.

You will never view your cards in the same way after being awakened to the potent energy within their imagery. Bring your favorite Tarot or oracle deck to participate in fun exercises and feel free to play!

  • Part 1 – Identifying symbols and their meanings in the cards
  • Part 2 – Fun and provocative ways to work with the cards through readings and games.

NOTE: these classes are rated PG-13

Pathworking with Tarot Numerology, PART 1 & 2

Katrina Wynne shares with you one of her most popular Tarot reading techniques – Pathworking based on Tarot numerology.  By the end of the two classes you will be ready to use this technique in readings for yourself and others. Whether you’re new to Tarot or an experienced reader, you’ll benefit from these classes which come with a range of handouts.

Class one introduces you to a simple formula for identifying your life potential, special gifts, and lessons in this lifetime. Special emphasis is on the 2-3 card “clusters” that define your life path.

Class two (Revealing your Life Path) helps answer questions like ‘what’s going on in my life’, ‘where am I headed’. The cards show you where you are on your life’s journey and help you to appreciate the stage you are experiencing with all its opportunities and challenges. Each year’s lesson builds upon former years and follows a specific trajectory into the future. Knowing your path and anticipating these lessons is a formula for success in life.

Psychological Challenges in Tarot’s Major Trumps

Katrina takes you through the Major Arcana cards to explore the hidden challenge and test within each trump. Then, she does an about-face and shines a light on each card’s greatest gifts.  For example, what happens when you spell “Devil” backwards? What does that say about the core of this card’s message to the world?

Whether you’re new to Tarot or an experienced reader, you’ll benefit from this class which comes with a range of handouts. No counseling skills are necessary to appreciate the information Katrina presents.

Offered as a live certificate program in Spring and Fall each year….


You can order the individual units (#1 through #4), or purchase the entire Certificate Course which includes the online study group experience with supervision from Katrina. Follow this link to Global Spiritual Studies for more information and to order.

Each class and associated handouts serve as a building block to constructing a firm foundation for your professional career. Many classes are designed for all metaphysical consultants, including, but not exclusive to Tarot.

1) Intermediate Tarot – Reading

  • Class one: Identifying and developing intuitive gifts and skills
  • Class two: Finding the story with card spreads, discerning the issue and the best spread to address it

2) Developing Your Practice

  • Class three: Basic counseling skills and important ethical guidelines
  • Class four: Developing and promoting your service

3) Advanced Tarot – Reading Skills

  • Class five: ExŸploring the realm of symbols and understanding their power
  • Class six: Dreamwork and how it relates to reading

Ÿ4) Advanced Tarot – Metaphysics

  • Class seven:  Identifying the astrological associations for each card and how to use them in readings
  • Class eight: Introduction to two powerful metaphysical influence –  Alchemy and Kabbalah.

 NEXT ONLINE STUDY GROUP: September 15 – November 15, 2016*

* Best to start now with watching the webinars and doing the reading assignments!

Global Spiritual Studies is a wonderful resource for educational and dynamic webinars from an excellent variety of contemporary metaphysical teachers. Linda Marson, the producer of these webinars. When purchasing or having technical difficulties, please contact her. Thank you.

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