The Traveling Blue Nails…

My 2015 Tarot Tour was a wonderful adventure filled with exciting Tarot events, teachers, students, clients, friends, and birds.

…it all started with my arrival in Portland, when I decided to gift myself, early, with my annual mani pedi spa treatment. I had chosen purple polish for my once a year splurge, but then a small voice in my head said, try blue…


I loved this color and noticed immediately upon preparing my Voyager Tarot cards for reading that they were a perfect match! Now I was ready to read and teach at New Renaissance Bookshop with extra pizazz.


The next week rolled out the first Northwest Tarot Symposium (NWTS), a fabulous gathering of Tarot and oracle enthusiasts. The first and only Tarot conference in Portland was the American Tarot Association (ATA) event, where I was teaching on September 9, 2001…a date I can not forget and wrote about in a previous blog here. Their second ATA event in 2003 cancelled at the last minute, but a group of us presenters had an intimate gathering and gave each other samples of our presentations.

Bonnie Cehovet did a comprehensive 3-part series where she reports on the many wonderful goings on at this NWTS. I would like to share a few photos with you below.


Personally, I enjoyed my time hanging with dear Tarot friends, especially Oracle Soup podcast sister, Gina Thies, and our fascinating buddy, Mark Ryan (Wildwood Tarot & app). There just isn’t enough time to cover all the things we stay up until the wee hours of the night to converse about.


My blue nails were a big hit with James Wanless, who was not only a good sport, but very enthusiastic about my painting his nails the same color and blending our spirits together with his Voyager Tarot deck.


Of course, I love blending and was very excited to share my newest presentation on the “Sexual Symbolism & Meaning in Tarot“, which is now being offered as a webinar. Please follow this link to register for this in-depth, 2-part course which includes multiple deck images, from flirty to X-rated (pg-13).

If you were not able to attend NWTS this year, never fear, we have a date for 2016…..March 4-6. Just follow this link to pre-register and receive a great discount.

Next stop….Denver, Colorado, where the largest Tarot Meetup group in the USA is hosted by the lovely Joy Vernon and her wonderful Tarot Tribe. There were so many Tarot and oracle activities going on that week, I was jumping from class to expo, back to my classes (Dreamwork & Tarot, 4 Stages of Highly Meaningful Reading), dinner with the Tarot gals, and then two days of private sessions at Isis Books & Gifts, a fabulous venue stocked with tons of decks.


What struck me during my stay in Denver is that somehow the sun was following me all the way from Yachats on the Oregon Coast. Not a cloud in the sky, although there was snow piled up on the shady side of buildings from the weather the week before. This strange, clear, warm weather followed me all the way to the end of my Tarot Tour.

Just before jetting off to the Southeast I stopped by The Apple Store for a “Genius Bar” appointment. What a surprise as I waited for my session…bigger than life, Stevie Wonder walked right up to me to touch the laptop next to where I was sitting. We had such a loving exchange, touched hands, and were humored by the fact that we are both “Taurus” sun signs. Wish I could have stayed one more night to attend his show in Denver.


The down side is the “geniuses” at Apple wiped out my iPad with some very important data…ugh…. Good thing I am a Taoist. I go with the flow of life, the ups and downs, and keep my center.

Flew overnight to Orlando and slept on the bus ride across to the Tampa Bay area. I’m a southern gal and have missed the diversity of trees from the gulf coast. Heat slows one down a bit and life can be peaceful…until you need to drive somewhere. Kept wishing I had a motorcycle to zip around.


There was so much more traffic than I remember from my last trip there in 1991. That was my last visit with my native sister before she married. It was so wonderful to hug again and meet her twin teen boys.


What a delight to finally meet Christiana Gaudet, the dynamic host of the Tampa Bay Area Tarot Meetup where I shared an intensive “Introduction to the Petite Lenormand.” My next class was at Gaia Spiritual Doorways, a full house, where we explored the multiple dimensions of the “Sacred Journey of the Soul – through the major arcana of the Tarot.” For those who would like a copy of this amazing lesson, here is a link to my recorded webinar of the same title.


Besides being able to just chill during the comfortable early spring weather of Florida, I continued my Tarot and oracle research. The Salvador Dali’ Museum in St. Petersburg was spectacular. I love being able to walk up to an original painting and take up close photos of parts as well as the whole image. It is fascinating to study the details and process of the artist. While there a light bulb went off for another project I would like to produce. My ideas never cease….if only I had the time to finish them all, HaHa.


One of these ongoing projects is Katrina’s Personal Lenormand deck, featured this July in the Tarot Lover’s Calendar. Every image is a photo I have taken, or was taken of me, or a self-portrait. Two symbols have alluded me since I live in the Pacific NW….the fox and the stork. The closest I could come to the stork is the blue heron that visits my property along the river. Well….rumor had it that storks visited the neighborhood where I was staying. My last day there they finally appeared and the neighbor gave me food to feed them, plus they posed for several photos. Now….for the fox….might have to substitute my cat….


The traveling blue nails finally returned home to my NW forest retreat…contemplating the grass that had grown while I was gone…time to get busy in the garden…bye bye blue nails…


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