Spiritual Path of Tarot telesummit II

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What an honor to be selected to offer another presentation in the Spiritual Path of Tarot telesummit II, now focused on the minor arcana cards. 20 Tarot luminaries take you through the various aspects of the minor cards, from suits to numbers and court/people assignments…and it is all FREE.

Katrina-Wynne-Speaker-GraphicI’ll be talking with Kim Wilborn on October 21, 1 pm PDT about “Completing Cycles with the Sacred 9s“, an extension of my offering in the first Spiritual Path of Tarot telesummit when I shared the archetypal wisdom of IX The Hermit.

Together, we are 20 powerful Tarot teachers collaborating to help you deepen your connection to the energies of the Minor Arcana. We’ll journey through the Minors, gaining new insight and wisdom, and connecting to the energies of the cards through powerful guided meditations.

There’s no cost to attend, and even if you can’t attend the talks live, you will get free access to each replay for 48 hours.

I cordially invite you to be my guest at this one-of-a-kind event and experience for yourself a deeper connection to the energies of the Tarot.

To be my guest and register for FREE access, please follow my URL for this event…. By following my link to register, you express direct support for my gift to you. Thank you!

Join us and experience these presentations, running October 13 through the 24th:

~ Sheilaa Hite – Wands – Life’s Wild, Passionate Adventure
~ Lisa de St. Croix – Ebb and Flow – The Suit of Cups
~ Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone – The Sword: It exists, but it’s not there!
~ James Wells – Evolving with Earth: Personal Empowerment through the Pentacles
~ Brigit Esselmont – Manifest Your Pure Potential with the Aces
~ Art Rosengarten – Two Be or Not Two Be
~ Kooch Daniels – The Beneficial Properties of the Number Three
~ Scott Martin – May the Fours be with You!
~ Ferol Humphrey – Find Your Fortune with the Fives
~ Heatherleigh Navarre – Six Ways from Sunday – Serious Savvy on the Significance of Sixes
~ Mary Greer – Tests and Trials of the Mystical Tarot Sevens
~ Shelley Carter – Dealing with the Crazy Eights
~ KATRINA WYNNE – Completing the Cycle of the Sacred 9s
~ Carrie Paris – Demystifying the Language of the 10s in Three Easy Steps
~ Nancy Antenucci – The Pages – The Way of the Learner
~ Gina Thies – Dutiful Knights: Champions of Change
~ Ellen Lorenzi-Prince – The Queens of Tarot: Elemental Feminine Power
~ Sasha Graham – Kings in the Corner
~ Robert Place – The Tarot as Alchemical Tarot

If you would like to strengthen your alignment with a spiritual tool that can bring you clarity and insight while it lights your way to joyfully fulfilling your personal Soul-Purpose, register today for the FREE Spiritual Path of Tarot Telesummit II!

Can hardly wait to share this special time with you!



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