Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course


“Katrina Wynne’s passion for Tarot – and her joy in sharing all that she has learned on her Tarot journey – make the Professional Tarot Consulting program a gift I’m so glad I gave myself.”  — Cherie, Alabama


The Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course: Level One (PTC-1) is offered twice a year, March 15th or September 15th (16th for Australia and similar time zones), and covers eight unique lessons. Just follow this link to Global Spiritual Studies to register early for the next course.

Whether you are a beginning Tarot student, experienced reader, or oracle reader, you will benefit from this comprehensive program.

Here is what students are saying about this course…

“The Professional Tarot Consulting program was the perfect way for me to dig deeper into Tarot – to learn and experience so much more than just a basic overview of the craft. Katrina is beyond knowledgeable in all things Tarot – you can tell she is just scratching the surface of all she wants to share – and yet each class was overloaded with history and connections and new awareness. My reading skills improved, but more importantly, I have a much richer understanding and respect for Tarot in all its forms.” — Cherie, Alabama

“This has been a transformative experience. I’ve rethought much of my reading style, and for the first time I feel like going pro is doable rather than a distant dream.” — Sherryl, California

“I stumbled into this course thinking it would assist in developing my counselling skills, ie how do you frame questions, what would you do if this situation arose ? etc etc.(nuts and bolts issues) What I got was so much more. It was an experience in areas with a new light shining on them. It was an illuminating, stimulating and enriching course. Fun too working with people from around the world. Highly recommend it to all looking to explore subtleties in time honoured knowledge.”                          — Lyn, Australia

“I have started watching the (PTC-1) classes and would like to tell you that I love your voice and pronunciation greatly: very clear and soothing at the same time. In general, lots to learn and to think for me.” — Violeta, Lithuania

Here is what is included in this dynamic learning opportunity:

  • 10 hours of intensive, professional training on topics such as:
    1. Intuitive skill building
    2. Using spreads and telling the story with Tarot & other oracles
    3. Counseling skills & ethics
    4. Building your professional practice
    5. The power of symbols
    6. Dream work skills & deepening your readings
    7. Astrology in Tarot
    8. Alchemy & Kabbalah
  • You have unlimited online access to viewing these pre-recorded online lessons.
  • PowerPoint presentations with video instructions from Katrina
  • PowerPoint & many helpful handouts, over 300 pages
  • An extensive reading list with excellent resources
  • A 10-week online study group to share…
    • “Private” Facebook group for our privacy
    • Schoology page for PTC-1 Assignments
    • Discussions on all topics
    • Book discussions (6 required books) and a book review
    • A shared “File” with additional materials
    • Links to helpful resources
    • Study buddies & exercises
    • Supervision from Katrina
  • 30-minute Zoom or phone mentoring session with Katrina (after completion of assignments & simple exam)
  • Certificate (after completion of assignments & simple exam)
  • Inclusion in the exclusive Facebook page for PTC-1 graduates.

Now is a great time to register and get an early start on watching the recordings.

You can study at your own pace and have the option of repeating the online study group when it is offered again (March 15 or September 15). Special arrangements can be made with Katrina.

“If you are thinking of taking a class with GSS or the PTC-CC course in particular DO IT! It is a wonderful experience and delivered in a very convenient and professional manner!”  — Jenn, New York

Would love to have you join our wonderful international group of students. Each session is limited to 12 new students and fills quickly, so early registration is highly recommended. Please follow this link to register for this unique study opportunity.

For more information about the PTC-CC, here is an interview by Linda Marson of GSS with Katrina describing the course….linked here.

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