Why am I passionate about Tarot?


My passion for Tarot is something I have wanted to write about for some time. It is one thing to talk about and teach the subject of Tarot, but what is the attraction? What keeps the fire growing for 40+ years?

After teaching an Introduction to Alchemy & Kabbalah in Tarot webinar this week, my fiery passion takes on more meaning—as if I am the dreamy alchemist in my laboratory meditating on the elixir of life and eternity.

The alchemy of working with Tarot and my client’s transformation is my calling. It is as if I go into a shamanic trance and enter the dream realm with my students or clients as their guide through the dark, coaxing their courageous adventure into the unknown, through the abyss, to be reborn on the other side with enhanced awareness. I have also applied the metaphor of being a spiritual midwife, birthing new awareness with each client or student who wishes to face their challenges, die to their fears, to be renewed with excitement and confidence about their life.

Tarot, then, is not only the tool for such transformations, but the visual metaphor of the pathwork on such a journey. It is the perfect ally for my alchemical processes.

I have this fantasy to create a Tarot Temple titled, “Temple of Transformation” with a warning posted outside the entrance, “Beware….for whoever enters this temple will not be the same.”  Bwahaha……

In summary, my passion for Tarot is more focused on the experience of this oracle than on the information provided. It was Marshall McLuhan who coined the phrase, “The medium is the message,” which when twisting the words, adds a whole new dimension to its meaning

This is a great question to ask oneself in general—what is your passion? To have passion for life, or any part of it, truly supports a more meaningful experience. You and I may have passion for the same topic or activity, but the motivation behind it can be quite different. I encourage you to explore this topic and find, or refine, your understanding of your purpose and passion in life.

Cue Alicia Keys music….”This girl is on fire….”

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