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When Spirit calls, I respond…

It began with a handful of my friends and neighbors asking me to teach them Tarot. A few years passed with more invitations to teach. After a while, my basic Tarot students requested more advanced lessons. In my typical Taurian style, I took this request to heart and looked for ways to manifest and ground this directive. I had 30 years of Tarot knowledge under my belt at that time and knew this was no small task.

After some soul-searching, meditating on what I find to be the key ingredients to learning a more transformative and dynamic style of reading Tarot and other metaphysical tools, I created the Transformative Tarot Counseling™ Certification Program in 1998. Many students from the Oregon/Washington area participate in the various classes, with a significant number of graduates on various levels of the program.

Eventually, requests began appearing from all over the world, especially after I published my second book, An Introduction to Transformative Tarot Counseling – the High Art of Reading, inquiring about whether I travel to teach or offer teleclasses. I resisted the internet class option for there was a very important ingredient that would be missing for me, something I know to be essential to truly learning a new art…the personal presence and guidance of the mentor, along with the dynamic interaction between students. Technology had not yet satisfied my multimedia vision of a classroom and the live, interactive component so important to learning.

Last year I discovered Global Spiritual Studies (GSS) and the many wonderful webinars/DVDs/online access choices they provide students on a multitude of topics. Linda Marson produces a professional product with exciting options, such as live webinars with an active chat room. The presenter is visually present, clearly heard, plus there is a PowerPoint presentation running throughout the class. In addition to the live webinar, the presentation is recorded and available there after as a DVD or online access. Of course, there are handouts included with each class.

In 2013 I tested the waters and produced two webinars with GSS. GSS link here. This was a great success and opened my mind to other possibilities that lead me to fulfilling the requests I have received world-wide. In addition to the great webinar format, I have added a Facebook Support Group for students interested in interacting, discussing course topics, practicing exercises together, and working toward certification. Please read on for more details about this exciting new way of learning on a global level.


This comprehensive e-course is composed of 11 unique classes. They are divided into two segments:

Please view my FREE Introduction to Tarot Cards. See if you like this format for learning before investing in any of these programs.

Here are some of the highlights:

Course topics include:

  • Intuitive skill building
  • Finding the story through various card spreads
  • Professional counseling skills and ethics
  • Developing and promoting your service
  • Advanced reading skills
  • Learning the language of symbols
  • Dreamwork and its relationship with reading
  • Metaphysical layers of meaning in the Tarot (including an introduction to Astrology, Alchemy, & Kabbalah)

If you are interested in an intensive study that results in personal knowledge, experience, and a certificate acknowledging your fine work, all while creating community with a group of fantastic students, you will love the Certificate Course track. This extends the webinar lessons and supports them with personal supervision and custom designed exercises for your continued learning.

Certificate students are invited to join my private Facebook Tarot Consulting Support Group for discussions and the cyber-classroom on Schoology, where we engage in the following activities and extras:

  • Topic discussions
  • Reading assignments
  • Exercises in dyads
  • Supervision by Katrina
  • Inspirational resources
  • Current list of Katrina’s Tarot library with over 1000 titles

Certificate will be earned by:

  • Online participation with exercises and discussions, including 6 required books
  • Practice readings with PTC-CC buddy
  • Written mid-term assignment *
  • Final exam *

* relatively easy work, done at the student’s pace.

Once coursework is completed, each student will receive a:

  • Personalized certificate of completion
  • 30-minute professional mentoring or Life Coach session with Katrina

For students who are self-directed, the program and handouts stand alone and support your ongoing learning.

Feel free to contact Katrina with your questions about the program and about the certification track.

Katrina Wynne
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