TAROT WEBINAR – Sacred Journey through Tarot

I just taught my first live/recorded online webinar (2013). Hip Hip Hurray!! This is a project that has been in the works for several years and for which I am elated to finally offer to the world.

It is available as a DVD/flash drive, or you can download the program from Global Spiritual Studies….here is the link to register.

An updated version is now available (2015) and is available as an individual lesson, or bundled as part of the “Beginning Tarot – Knowledge” series.

SJ-boxSacred Journey of Your Soul – through the major arcana of the Tarot  my most popular class, is now more exciting as a webinar. In the webinar format, I am able to enrich this presentation with many visual demonstrations via the PowerPoint presentation that is displayed throughout the class.

Tarot’s Major Arcana portrays the essence of our archetypal journey through life, the “Hero’s Journey” as expressed by Joseph Campbell.

In this online tarot class I explored the Tarot’s journey as Pathwork on the individual, collective, and universal levels, highlighting practical, psychological and spiritual motifs that can be applied to deepen your Tarot work.

Dynamic information for all levels of Tarot experience, from novice to expert, is shared. Helpful handouts are provided.

Linda Marson at Global Spiritual Studies has put together a great program that offers you these options, each with plenty of handouts:
1) Purchase the DVD/flash drive with the same visuals from the live presentation, after the class has been recorded and processed, and/or
2) purchase access to a download version of the recording that you can view from more than one computer in your home or business.

Global Spiritual Studies (follow this link to register or order this unique lesson)

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