Why My Work is Not Popular….

Professional counseling is not a popular art. In a casual setting, the moment someone new asks me what I do for work and hears that I’m trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, things get very quiet. After 25 years, I’m used to this reaction.

Looking into the dark recesses of your mind is my stock and trade.  I can almost hear the thoughts of some people who might be saying to themselves, “No way do I want someone seeing me. I can’t even look at that part of myself.”, as they politely move away.

There is an abundance of support for running away from our issues. In fact, it is a booming, commercial business. Look at all the successful mechanisms of distraction…entertainment, drugs and alcohol, the internet…to name a few. Even Tarot reading is often utilized as entertainment, or a quick fix. Stopping and being with oneself just isn’t popular.

Mine is one of the few professions in the world that has a built-in disincentive to maintaining clients. The whole point of our work with clients is for them to reach their goals and not need our service. This comes under the banner of self-empowerment for clients. Ironically, that is the hallmark of success in my business…no returning clients.

When the same principles of ethical counseling are applied to my transformative Tarot work, it is a double whammy. Either people are intimidated by the depth of material that surfaces within the first card or two, or, the reading experience gives them enough material to keep them busy processing for years to come. I don’t have weekly Tarot clients, unless they switched from Tarot to intentional counseling work.

My deep spiritual style of working scares people. It is shamanic and life-changing and doesn’t offer easy answers. I have come to embrace this reality and know that I represent a minority in a world that is in itself a misunderstood subculture, metaphysical consulting. In Tarot lingo, I embrace my VII Chariot/XVI Tower life purpose as an agent of change in the world.

Those of you who have met me see my friendly, bright, spunky 50+ yo woman self who continues to learn and practice the art of compassion. Many of you who work with me have experienced someone who goes into the darkest corners of life, holding your hand, letting you know you are not alone as we go through that tunnel to reach the other side.

So, if I scare you, I know this is a good sign, for you know I represent the you you may not be ready to see…yet. For those brave souls who venture into the abyss with me, you have my greatest respect, for it requires depth of courage to look into the mirror of your soul.

Feel free to read more about me, my Transformative Tarot Consulting™ style, classes, private sessions and more at my professional website: TarotCounseling.org

Thank you to James Wanless for the creation of and permission to publish images from his Voyager Tarot deck.

My appreciation to Renee’ Slade of Blue Dot Productions for the photo she shot of me, with my iPad (she does much finer photographs with her professional camera, but I’m all about the moment.)