Creating Your Own Lenormand deck

6 – Clouds
Katrina’s personal Lenormand deck

Lenormand cards are quickly becoming a popular divination tool in the American and English Tarot world. They have been used on the continent, especially France and Germany, since the time of Napoleon Bonaparte, if not longer.

There are many classic decks from Europe. But now, the US is getting excited about this basic 36 card deck, with new versions coming out on the market as fast as they can be created. Each card usually displays one symbol, such as a dog, or a letter, to represent a simple concept, respectively, friend/loyalty, and news/message.

In my typical Tarot awareness style, I began to focus on the iconic Lenormand images as they began to appear in every day life. Add to this awareness my photo journalism flare and my new iPad 3. The result is a collection of images that represent my personal vision of the individual Lenormand cards, shot mostly with my little iPad capturing my life experiences.

I hope to inspire you to do the same. Why not create a deck in your image, using snaps from your familiar surroundings that represent the concepts of each card? The woman, or man, card could be you, based on your orientation. The dog could be your family pet, as with my example below.

This technique allows your Lenormand readings to be absolutely personal to you and easy to relate to your life. Have fun with this project. Share your art with the world…and connect your world with our greater community.

18 – Dog
Katrina’s personal Lenormand deck

* Piatnik Lenormand cards from Austria

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