TarotCon-Dallas 2012

Big “D” here I come!!!!

I spent my early childhood in Dallas, a very different city in the 1950/60’s…the memory of Kennedy’s assassination, later the iconic home of oil power plays as portrayed in it’s namesake TV series.

These are some of my memories of this growing metropolis in it’s pains of expansion when there was still more nature than urban sprawl with it’s modern tollroads and highways. Hard to believe that my grandfather traveled by mule from his parent’s farm to the big city to pursue his fortune.

Having been stuck in a private school, I was swept into the theology of the Baptist Bible Belt. My thoughts of returning to these childhood haunts as the adult I am today inspired me to expand my own healing of ancient rifts between the rigid theology of fundamentalism and my spiritually based relationship with what they might call “The devil’s picture book,” what I prefer to embrace as the unitive wisdom of Tarot.


Being invited to teach at the Tarosophy Convention USA is an honor, combined with my delight to find that I had been matched with Paul Nagy of Tarot Hermeneutics to offer a presentation on the theme of Tarot and antiquity. Paul, a dear friend and amazing theological scholar, jumped on my suggestion to present a unique approach to combining theology with Tarot as he wisely narrowed the focus to working with “The Lord’s Prayer.”

Paul and I have been meditating, researching, discussing, debating, and finely tuning the art of our presentation with the following result. Our time together intends to be a transformative and potentially healing experience. Here is our Saturday night presentation…

“Divining Tarot: Using Tarot to Divine through the Lord’s Prayer”

Tarot divination is classically communication with the Divine and secondarily a mirror for self-reflection. In this experiential workshop/ritual we briefly demonstrate how the tarot enacts the divine presence and gestures to open up a dialogue through the 7 levels of petition in the Lord’s Prayer. We will offer a tarot spread as a mandala meditation through which you may directly communicate with the divine and through the tarot reflect on what the divine communicates to you, suggesting ways to personalize your prayer life and better understand your own approach to your life in the divine. Our approach is Universalist and spiritual and neither sectarian, nor confessional.

If you can make it to Dallas for October 20 & 21 you will be inspired and rejuvenated in your Tarot and other oracle studies by the brilliance of the talent presenting…Mary Greer, Robert Place, Art Rosengarten, Carrie Paris, James Wells, Barbara Moore, Mike Hernandez, Rana George and many others.