Lenormand Cards and Communicating Dying Wishes

Like many Tarot enthusiasts these days, I have been learning about an old oracle, mostly known in European countries, such as Germany and France, called the Lenormand cards.

Days after attending my first Lenormand class with Mary Greer at SF BATS, I found myself in a sad, though anticipated, state of affairs. I traveled to be with my father in his last week of life, to be by his side in his dying process.

I arranged to be with him as loving support during his passing and spent a week by his side. I have written a more detailed account of this experience in my article page titled, “Hospice Care and Communication through Cards.”

The point I would like to make about using oracles, such as Lenormand cards, is that they can serve a powerful purpose when attempting to mediate with those who are beyond verbal, and even non-verbal communication.

Simple questions, such as “Would you like me to hold your hand?”, lend well to using simple oracles, such as the Lenormand, to receive a simple response. There is no need for analyzing, pathwork, or communing with spirits when the focus is on the immediate care of a loved one or hospice patient. Intuition can be spontaneous, the message is direct, connecting specifically with the topic of the question.

The first time I used the cards for this purpose was when my father was in hospice care and a decision needed to be made about the timing for removal of his ventilator.  After checking with my father, tuning to his non-verbal communication, and searching my own heart, I decided to confirm the decision to act soon by consulting the Lenormand cards.

My immediate response was… remove the ventilator (10 Scythe), but do it with great compassion and love (24 Heart). This was a profoundly confirming message. I checked my Lenormand book, my notes, and posted on the FB Lenormand Cards Study Group to get additional guidance, which essentially confirmed my impression.

He was relieved and could breath on his own for several days following. As my father’s body began to shut down, he could no longer offer physical clues to his needs. I turned to the cards again to commune with his inexpressible wishes. It was a great relief to me and helped him die with love, support, sensitivity and dignity.

For a continuation of my research and application of Lenormand cards with palliative care, please follow this link here.

Card images from Piatnik Lenormand deck (Austria)