Kindle eBook for “Transformative Tarot Counseling”

My book, An Introduction to Transformative Tarot Counseling – the High Art of Reading is finally available as a Print-on-Demand paperback book as well as a Kindle eBook on Amazon!

To order your copy of this resourceful book, follow this link to Amazon.

You can view a sample of my book for free on the Amazon webpage, or download the free Kindle app from Amazon to your computer or other compatible device to view the eBook. The sample download includes the Contents page with chapter titles, and the Introduction chapter from the book.

Whether you are a beginning Tarot reader, or advanced professional, there are many resourceful and supportive ideas in this material to assist you in performing more effective and meaningful readings. These same offerings can be applied to other metaphysical consulting arts, such as astrology, or combined with alternative healing practices, for example, energy work.

It is my sincere hope that promoting the art of transformative work reaches our world community to support us in our growing connection with life.

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