Our Tarot Tribe is Growing

The internet and social networking have opened up a huge, wonderful world of Tarot. For those of us who have cultivated a private relationship with Tarot, or only shared this oracle with our local friends and clients, it can be exhilarating to find like souls, although they be from faraway places.

SF BATS 2011 Tarot Goddesses

I consider myself to be a private, reclusive person, but when I get around my Tarot “peeps” I suddenly have folks with whom I share a language, Tarot, and then I can become chatty cathy (for short periods of time).

Just returning from the San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium (SF BATS), this event has stimulated new ways of relating to Tarot, but more importantly, new friends with whom to share and grow together in our Tarot wisdom. It truly is a coming together of the tribes. For fun photos of this gathering of Tarot spirits, please visit my Facebook page and links to various photos posted by others.

If you are feeling shy or alone with your Tarot cards, reach out over the internet and find those who share your interests as well as sources that challenge you by pushing the envelope of your understanding.

Here is a sampling of ways to connect with others on the topic of Tarot:
— Local Tarot Meetup organizations…here is my Global Meetup Circle
Facebook and Twitter social networking websites
— Internet Tarot communities and forums like; Aeclectic Tarot, The Tarot Guild, Tarosophy Tarot Town
— Tarot Conferences and Symposiums – SF BATS, Readers Studio, (there are many more than can be named here)
— Tarot on Internet Radio – try Tarot Tribe-Beyond Worlds and Tarot Today-Tarot Guild Radio, both on BlogTalkRadio
— Tarot weblog sites – follow the links on my TarotCounseling.org website
Tarot Retreats – I organize these events which are posted on my TarotCounseling.org website and on Facebook
— Tarot Classes and Workshops – here is a link to classes I offer, or find classes in your area

Big thanks to Theresa “Tarot Lady” Reed for sharing her photo from SF BATS 2011.

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