Gratitude for Oprah

Today was Oprah Winfrey’s last broadcast of the show she has been sharing with the world for 25 years. If you are like me, you’ve seen hundreds of her inspiring, probing and revealing programs. And as we witnessed Oprah’s sacred journey unfold, we grew more in love with her, collectively co-creating a transformational experience. In Oprah’s words, “You and this show have been the great love of my life.”

Oprah’s Farewell – photo from

What stands out for me about Oprah’s presence, and the void we may feel with her physical absence, is the bright light of human kindness and compassion she modeled for the world. As a human being who faced personal struggles and triumphed over adversities that stifle others, she broke the glass ceiling on talking openly about the secret underbelly of family life in the most supportive and healing way. She introduced us to her fellow warriors and celebrators of life.

It is also World Tarot Day and in the spirit of following my passion and sharing with the world, I’d like to include some of my Tarot insights about the fabulous Ms. Winfrey.

IV Emperor

0 Fool

Publicly, Oprah appears to be a mother figure, but when studying the numerology of her birthdate, her strongest assets are represented in the Tarot by two major arcana cards, “IV The Emperor” and “O The Fool.” Oprah’s emperor qualities certainly contributed to creating a media empire with her natural leadership skills, but it is the fool in Oprah that made her successful, her willingness to take risks, follow her heart, and to be present with herself and her guests.

Of course, having these two allies as one’s archetypal lessons in life do not look the same when worn by another. For example, Donald Trump has this combination of major trumps. Yes, the fool has helped him to keep his humor and sometimes seem the fool, literally, but he is better known as the empire builder and having power over others.

Here is where “IV The Emperor” splits between benevolence and malevolence. Oprah represents the positive side of this archetype, knowing her greatest power is in empowering others. Trump seems to lean the other direction, at least on the surface. He appears to be more on the overpowering side of this Emperor archetype.

Oprah and The Donald – image from

I wish to honor Oprah and the loving work she has gifted to our world. Let us all pay it forward and help our family, our neighbors, our world community, and, I would add, our living Earth.

* Tarot cards from the original Albano-Waite deck


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