The 9th and Final Underworld

It is with great excitement I announce that today, March 8, 2011, we enter the 9th and final Underworld of the Mayan Calendar, according to the calculations of Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D.

A Swedish biologist, Calleman titled this Underworld “Universal” with the awareness that each Underworld period represents a nested hierarchy of evolution culminating with the 9th which is planting it’s seed of unity and spiritual consciousness today. We are in the first “Heaven” of the Universal Underworld while simultaneously residing in the last Heaven of the previous eight Underworlds, the initial Underworld reaching to the creation of this universe 16.4 billion years ago. The Mayan Calendar comes to completion in 260 days with all nine Underworlds ending on October 28, 2011 (not 12/21/12).

I can hardly contain myself as my heart expands with the quickening of this soulful journey. Be not distracted by the nay-sayers and fear-mongers for we each reap what we sow. The Mayan Council of Elders, Mayan Calendar scholars, and many indigenous peoples around the world have transmitted a different message, a life-affirming one in which this is a spiritual opportunity to truly realize our oneness with all, if we so choose.

To prepare myself for this once in a universe-time opportunity, I asked for personal guidance on how I might better align with the energy of this opportunity. Using my Voyager Tarot deck, these two cards appeared:

0 Fool-Child
My first impression of this card/archetype/lesson is its perfect reminder of the “Power of Now” as promoted by Eckhart Tollee, and many masters before and after him, reminding us that now is the only time in which we live. My association to this impression marveled at the synchronicity of the fact that the night before I had watched Tolle’s DVD titled Finding Your Soul Purpose because it had the same title as the workshop I had facilitated the day before, and I hoped to gain further insight. His lesson was that our soul purpose is to be in this moment.

So, for me, and perhaps for all of us in a holographic, universal way, this is a time to truly live with the awareness of now, this breath, released from memories or future musings. To be empty, like the zero, not focused on filling our mind and life with personal thoughts, but to allow the energy and awareness of the universe to permeate our awareness.

Upon looking more deeply into the image of the Voyager card, I noticed something I had never seen before, with fresh, child-like vision. There is what looks like an ostrich bird stretching its neck out extremely high with eyes wide open. I heard a message that said, “Stick your neck out further and rise above.” As a shy Forest Mystic, it is pushing the envelope of my comfort to be more visible and publicly outspoken. Just writing my thoughts and ideas here is sticking my neck out…but what am I rising above? I’m rising above the old programming to see the world as dualistic (good vs. bad, right vs. wrong, me vs. you), while stretching to be aligned with being more present, beyond thoughts that dwell on the past or live in the future. That is an ongoing lesson for me.

8 of Wands – Harmony (image coming soon)
As a secondary influence, this Tarot card in the Voyager deck exudes musical harmony and flow. It represents individual elements coming into balance and creating a whole that is more beautiful and dynamic than the sum of its parts.

My inner vision suddenly flashed upon my new Tarot Spirituality “Rainbow Journey” logo as its intended symbolic unification…a glowing rainbow in the form of a six-pointed star, the geometric form in the center of the Hindu heart chakra, the six of the Tarot’s Lovers trump, the Alchemical symbol for unifying the four elements with a message of “as above…so below.”

This is my transpersonal symbol for harmony and unification of our “Sacred Journey of the Soul” where the alpha and the omega reunite. We are oneness expressed through the beauty of our rainbow of diversity.

Tying my intuitive awareness with the meaning of this card, eight is a number of balance while wands is spiritual energy. This moment is a balance point, the center of the infinity symbol where we are not at one extreme or the other, but have access to our spiritual center found in this eternal moment.

I take a deep satisfying breath and remember I am alive. This moment I feel connection with all.

* Voyager Tarot images used with permission by James Wanless

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