“Tarot Spirituality”

It’s official. I have completely come out of my Forest Mystic “closet” to announce to the world my spiritual devotion to Tarot. Looking back, the spiritual lessons and essence of Tarot is the loving bond that has tied me to this powerful oracle from the beginning, since around 1971. With the urging of my Tarot students, who I thank as spiritual guides inspiring me to my next task, I committed to developing a spiritual community for Tarot enthusiasts and creating a global forum.

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With love and divine passion I announce and invite you to explore “Tarot Spirituality™”, my new website.

I’ve always had a spiritual nature and perspective on life, so my interest in Tarot solidified when I discovered its profound reflection and connection with all levels of being and life. Although I am a professional Transformative Tarot Counselor™ with 20 years’ experience reading for others, my long time love affair with Tarot is not centered on reading the cards as much as studying them as a book of wisdom.

For years, I have promoted and taught professional skills for readers to share effective, ethical and potentially transformative readings with Tarot, but most of my classes revolved around Tarot as a deeply spiritual tool. This was the impetus for developing the Transformative Tarot Counseling™ Certification Program…now, my online program, Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course. In my presentations, I clearly state my bias for a more psycho-spiritual approach, rather than fortune-telling or predictive style with the cards. But, I also add that there is something for everyone and all styles are honored. This attitude comes from the spiritual awareness that Tarot teaches, as do many essential philosophies and religions, to embrace otherness, not demonize it.

We all have biases, based on our experience, what we are naturally adept at, what we have been taught to align with, and/or fear of otherness. In my case…education, training and experience have taught me to dig deeper, to look beyond the surface, to engage others in their life process, and to be awake and aware on many levels at once. For example, a Tarot card’s meaning can be interpreted literally, figuratively, metaphorically, subjectively, personally, impersonally, relationally, communally, globally, spiritually, universally, etc. On an existential level, where does the querent end and the card begin? In other words, why only read the card when you have the client there too? Although this approach requires advanced psychological training or well-developed psychic awareness, why assume the card is separate from the client, or from the reader for that matter?

Katrina and Arny – Yachats, Oregon 2010

I have had the privilege of training with great teachers, Drs. Arnold and Amy Mindell (Process Work) for the past 23 years. What attracted me to Process Work was a deep spiritual and philosophical foundation that mirrors the unitive values of Tarot. It created a natural flow between my profession as a trained psychotherapist and my passion for Tarot.

This unitive, non-dual, view of life is the essence of spirituality, our connection with all. The great traditions and many of the creation myths around the world repeat a version of the story of life: “In the beginning…”; alpha and omega; Vishnu dreaming Brahman and the universe into existence; the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life; as above … so below; unus mundus (Alchemy – one world). For a thorough study of the history of spiritual and philosophical contributions to Tarot, please read the work of Dai Leon in Origins of the Tarot. A review of this epic book is posted on this weblog.

Tarot is a living, expanding body of wisdom. I hope you join our growing community of Tarot Spirituality enthusiasts and contribute to the website.

In Light & Love,

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