I Had a Dream … of Unity



Most mornings I ease into the day, lingering with the dream realm as I meditate on its communication between me and the universe. This is the way I meditate on Tarot card messages as well, allowing my conscious mind to meld with the dreaming awareness.

This morning I received one of my profound dreams that is meant for more than me. I can tell because the dream asked me to record it and share it with the world. For the sake of space and time, I will share a basic sketch of the dream story.

A group of people, including yours truly, are gathered and led into a courtroom to a hidden chamber behind the judge’s stand. I was selected because I had crossed over a boundary and dared to sit in the judge’s chair.

We are each given index cards with information we are expected to memorize and recite on camera (broadcast cameras). Not one for memorizing, I feel anxious about this duty as my turn approaches. Then a compete calm comes over me as I realize that I need to speak from my own voice, not from the cards. My message came from my heart and conscious mind reflecting on the symbolism of the situation, the environment, and why I of all people would be called upon for this task.

A court of law has much in common with psychology, spirituality, health and science. The “Plaintiff” in a case has identified (charged) the “Defendant” with disturbing their life in some way. The purpose of the court is to make things “whole,” to mediate the conflict in a fair and balanced manner.

Now, the rules and tools differ significantly in the legal system in comparison to my field, psychology, but the underlying premise remains … how can we move from a split apart, dualistic situation, toward a new form of wholeness for those involved?

This is a universal theme that repeats in most spiritual and religious philosophies, a journey from wholeness, through duality/split-ness, back to a new wholeness.

In my meditation on this dream message, I identified elements of my work in psychology, specifically Process Work with Arny and Amy Mindell, as well as wisdom from my Tarot studies.

My “Process Mind” has been teaching me about the dance between Kali and Shiva. In this case, Kali represents the wild abandoned fire forces of nature…earthquakes, volcanoes, lava flowing and destroying all in her path, while Shiva is the still lake of water with its dispassionate presence of being. My dreams have had Kali elements destroying the Earth and life as we know it (not sure if these are predictions or just my personal process, so please don’t panic) while I progressively become more Shiva-like in the midst of change, still, aware, engaged, yet completely non-attached. To unify these two extreme forces is my internal process at this time.


How appropriate that I would have these profound dreams at this time. As I approach my next birthday, I can now reflect on my lessons for this past year through the eyes of Tarot Numerology. It is my “VI Lovers” year. What has this meant to me? On the surface, The Lovers is stereotypically about relationship and marriage. When one goes below the surface it is really about the union of opposites, developing bridges of understanding and connection with other, but especially within ones self. Again, we have the theme of healing splits, integrating otherness, working toward wholeness.

The polarity of contrast I’ve been learning from includes: private/public, outside/indoors, action/rest, interdependence/independence, mental/emotional, life/death.

From an alchemical journey point of view, The Lovers is the first sacred marriage, our initial dip into the cauldron of mixing and mingling one’s essence with other. From a psychological point of view, I think of The Lover’s as “congruence,” when I align my thoughts, feelings, body posture, tone-of-voice, and message … “no” means no and “yes” means yes. To be incongruent is to be split, sending out mixed messages.

From my magical Lovers view, it is no wonder that I would fall in love with Dai Leon’s book “Origins of the Tarot” for it reveals the ancient and ongoing message of unity, what he refers to as the non-dualistic theme in the major arcana of the Tarot. This is also the way I teach the esoteric meaning and message of Tarot, the Sacred Journey of Your Soul.

Next birthday my journey returns to “VII The Chariot,” which is also my Soul Purpose card in Tarot Numerology. Having healed my split and harnessed my will with thy will in tandem, I’ll be ready to follow my vision with the courage to change, congruence, and, in my case, compassion. Watch out world!