How did my hair get so long?

Me_64.1printI’ve wanted long hair most of my life, but have not always been able to grow it as long as I would like. Yes, I’m a child of the 60s , but I’m also part Native American and have an affinity for all things natural and earthy.

Now that my hair is beyond my behind, I get inquiries into how it grew so long. There is no single answer. Growing my hair has many components….genetic, chemical, environmental and spiritual.

Genetically, I have both parents to thank for my unique combination of thick wavy tresses and fine individual hairs. It gives the illusion of fuller hair while not being as heavy on my head.

Chemically, I use only natural products and maintain stress-free care of my hair.

Environmentally, I have the advantage of living in a rainforest with moist air gracing my hair and skin.

Spiritually, hair is meant to grow…more on this and basic care of one’s hair in my “Hair Care” article on this weblog.

A small voice has been nagging me to share my perspective and experience in case someone may benefit from my wisdom.

As I write this I’m hearing echoes of an oldie but goody musical….”Hair”