My dear Tarot friends…this may be a controversial topic, but one I feel strongly about and wish to address.

Those of you who know my work with Tarot are familiar with my “transformative counseling” style, based on the fact that I am a professional counselor with sound ethical values for honoring my clients’ life, personal power, and process.

For years I’ve wanted to write an article on this subject and have just posted one on this weblog under “Articles and Information” titled “Tarot Counseling vs Predictive Readings”. I invite you to read this article and make comments in the spirit of continuing this dynamic examination.

The article includes a fun experiment I performed with a friend who is a psychic reader. We traded one-card readings, first in our preferred style, then using the other’s style, with some interesting results.

Ultimately, I believe there is a reading style and reader for everyone, all styles have their place in the world. I took this as my opportunity to draw out the main differences between predictive work and Tarot counseling.

In the future I plan to write more about the parameters of Tarot counseling and the qualities it promotes in reading the Tarot. Please let me know if there is a topic you are particularly interested in reading more about or contributing your knowledge.