The Spiritual Significance of 2012

Today I delivered a sermon, “The Spiritual Significance of 2012”, at my local Ocean Unity. Speaking at Unity is an honor I enjoy about once a year. Although the tone and words are directed at Unity values and precepts, the message is one that benefits us all.

For the complete sermon, please visit “Pages” and select “SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE of the 2012 Galactic Alignment“. This is a simplified summary of the key aspects of this material designed to make a spiritual point. There are many more opinions and resources available on this topic if one wishes to research further.

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What is the Galactic Alignment of 2012?
Our home, Earth, will be astronomically aligned with the center of our galaxy, the black hole at the core of the Milky Way.

The Mayan Galactic Calendar
The Mayan Calendar is a time-coded calendar that shows us the evolution of life through a process of nine Underworlds. Each one of these nine Underworlds is 20 times shorter and moves 20 times faster than the previous one. All nine Underworlds culminate on December 21, 2012 (or October 28, 2011). Each Underworld is affecting all the other Underworlds as we move through time.

images 1Swedish biologist, Dr. Carl Calleman upon studying the Coba stele (a Mayan stone carving found in the Yucatan) and the timeline it represents noticed that the shift from one Underworld to the next coincided with well established evolutionary leaps in our biological history.

For example, the “Planetary Underworld” began in 1769 CE, around the time humans discovered and developed industrial capabilities. And most of us here have lived to witness the huge leaps in technology … faster computers, the internet … which represent the rapid learning curve and collective connectivity of the current 20 year duration, the 8th Underworld, which started January 5th, 1999.

What is the Spiritual Message of 2012?

Message from Dr. Carl Johan Calleman
author of The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness

Only as we understand that the evolution of consciousness is primary to the evolution of matter, are we able to understand the Mayan Calendar. And as we begin to understand, a divine plan of unfathomable grandeur, reaching back all the way from the Big Bang to the present moment, becomes clear to our inner vision.

The mapping of such spiritual energies emanating from the heat of the universe is what makes the Mayan Calendar unique. Only as we leave behind calendars that are based only upon astronomy and our local solar system, does it become apparent that life is inherently meaningful and always connected to a creative spiritual source.

In other words, human beings are not subordinated to the whims of matter but rather are part of an all-pervasive evolution of consciousness.

The Mayan Calendar is our chief tool for anchoring within ourselves a solid foundation of knowledge and hope that humanity is on the path toward an enlightened state of oneness with the universe.

Message from Don Alejandro Oxlaj
Head of the Council of Elders of the Maya

To all my brothers and sisters listening to this message…
these words are not mine, they are the words of our ancestors.

The prophecy of the Maya says, that in the time of the 12 baktuns and 13 Ahau, is the return of the ancestors, of the men of wisdom.

Let the morning come…
Let the dawn come…
For the people to find peace and to be happy.

So I am here with you, leaving this message,
to not be afraid of the world.
Take this message and spread it throughout the world.

Carl Calleman’s Message
Let’s explore the words of Dr. Calleman, the Swedish biologist who has been studying the Mayan galactic calendar for many years. Calleman’s research perspective is influenced by his professional background, studying the evolutionary leaps in life on this planet forming our common biological process.

“the evolution of consciousness is primary to the evolution of matter” and includes “a divine plan of unfathomable grandeur” Through comparing our biological history with the Mayan galactic calendar, it became very clear to Calleman that we are all part of a larger evolutionary journey, which completes in the year 2012. The most significant shift is from our identity with only material matters to our deeper journey as conscious beings. Unity Principles speak directly to developing our conscious awareness, preparing us all for our part in the next stage of our evolution as beings.

“ life is inherently meaningful and always connected to a creative spiritual source.” In Unity, we call this source God, … as is OUR essence.

“ human beings are not subordinated to the whims of matter but rather are part of an all-pervasive evolution of consciousness.” We’ve heard the phrase “mind over matter” and have our own version of this message in Unity … “Through thoughts, words and actions, we live the Truth we know.” By living the Truth of inner, spiritual knowing, we transcend the limitations of material reality.

“the kingdom of God is within you” – Luke 17:21

images 2Significance of the Galactic Alignment
Back to the astronomical significance of the galactic alignment… What is actually aligning and what affect does this have on life on Earth?

Barbara Hand Clow, researcher, teacher and writer, authored two key books, The Mayan Code and Alchemy of Nine Dimensions.

“The nine dimensions are located on a vertical axis that grounds itself in the center of Earth and rises into the Galactic Center” (the black hole in the center of the Milky Way). In Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, Clow describes each of these nine dimensions in a way that reminds me of the Biblical stairway to heaven, but in this case, each step, or dimension, holds a higher vibrations than the one before, ultimately reaching to the “Mind of God” and beyond to source. I begin to see additional parallels to the nine Underworlds of the Mayan Galactic Calendar, which are coming into alignment around 2012.

Clow emphasizes the importance of accessing our multidimensional consciousness at this time in order to find peace in times of chaos and discord.

“Now that our solar system is being activated by the Galactic Center, Earth is experiencing the nine-dimensional activation, which is transmuting its biology. Sacred cultures that mastered multidimensional consciousness in the past are needed for guidance, such as the Maya, since scientist are only now beginning to consider multidimensionality by means of superstring theory.”

In order for us to resonate with the Mind of God, we utilize this Unity Principle: “Through prayer and meditation, we align our heart-mind with God.”

It’s has been said…prayer is when we speak to God and meditation is when we listen to God. By activating our loving presence, with our heart-mind, we access our most direct channel to source. Now imagine raising our collective consciousness to align with the direct line to our Galactic Center. What message might we receive directly from God? It’s about raising our collective vibration to hear beyond the limitations of our human ears, to hear with our hearts.

“You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment.” – Matthew 22:37

Our Preparations for 2012
– The more ATTUNED we are to the time acceleration transition, the smoother we flow with the changes and can help other people, and can really enjoy this time.

– HEAL our body, mind and spirit. Especially our personal and collective SHADOWs. (use meditation, yoga, counseling, therapy, education, energy work, sacred sexuality, etc.) Our Shadow is that part of our self or our world that we have disowned, usually the place of fear. This can also be seen as Bardo attachments in life.

– Retrain what we are thinking about, what occupies our minds. Don’t get attached to what appears to be falling apart (the economy, etc.).

– Stop thinking that our material needs will be addressed by the government and rethink our connection with family and community.

– Reawakening your ability to be a CO-CREATOR. Develop INTENTION through affirmations and visualizations. Meditation prepares one’s mind by finding inner mental balance as well as the heart connection with source.

– Cell activation/metamorphosis, Reiki, “The Reconnection” (promoted by Eric Pearl, practiced by many, including myself), energy alignment.

– Sacred sexuality/freeing your kundalini/aligning energy with the Galactic Center.

– Focus on your personal spiritual journey, prepare for your “evolutionary leap”

1) Martin Gray has a powerful breathing meditation. (Seems to be missing from his website. Contact me if you are interested in learning this technique.)

2) On a clear night, lie on your back outdoors. Locate a star in the Milky Way and meditate on it. Join consciousness with its vibration. (from Barbara Hand Clow)

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