Numerology and Number 9

RIR-100516I could not let this day go by without posting a little message on this auspicious date (and time). Numerology is a subject I will be writing about in more detail, but here is a taste of number “9” in honor of this unique date.

Today is the ninth day of the ninth month in the ninth year of this millennium. 9 is the last number in the sequence of single digits beginning with 1. The layers of symbolism begin with the story of the sequence and how each number builds upon the previous number, culminating with 9, completion of the story.

Nine as a stage or step shows up in a variety of systems such as: the nine types of the Enneagram; Barbara Hand Clow’s “Alchemy of Nine Dimensions” where the ninth dimension represents the black hole at the our galactic center, the Milky Way (which Earth aligns with around 2012); Dai Leon in “Origins of the Tarot” describes Dionysious’s Neoplotonic concept of the nine spheres of angelic emanation.

In “Numerology Forever”, Lynn Buess covers a diversity of aspects on number nine. Cosmologically, it seeks to create love for all. As a soul number it dreams of a utopian world. On the personal level nine represents sacrifice, generosity, tolerance, idealism and altruism, with release as its tool for changing negativity.

9 is also 3 x 3, so it cubes the vibration of three’s energy, representing the highest spiritual power in many traditions.

In light of this powerful alignment of numbers and what they symbolize, today is a unique opportunity to contemplate what in life is completing, what you are ready to release, and how to be more aligned with your love for all.


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