Dream Work and Transformative Tarot Reading

aboriginal-3My background in counseling, hypnotherapy and psychotherapeutic training has taught me dynamic and meaningful ways to work with dreams and dream-like states. I’ve studied Process Work (formerly Dreambody work) with Drs. Arnold and Amy Mindell for over 20 years.

From a Jungian (Swiss psychoanalysist, Carl Jung) point of view, dreams are teleological (meaningful) and contain hidden aspects of our personal power. When examining a dream, we look for parts that are unusual, disowned, or threatening, in order to find the hidden power. Basically, what these parts represent are aspects of one’s psyche that are trying to be more consciously realized and integrated into one’s identity.

Transformative Tarot Counseling™ distinguishes itself from typical tarot readings by its ability to go more deeply and profoundly into the querent’s life. One of the special skills utilized to allow this examination is Dream Work awareness, the ability of the reader to identify the various dream parts in the cards, as well as in the querent, and to bring them out in a dynamic, visceral way.

Rather than reporting to the querent information about the cards that feeds the mind, the querent is engaged is a full body experience identified with in a personal way.

Ultimately, the archetypes and energy in Tarot cards are of the same vibration as the characters and parts in our dreams. To read a card is much like reading a dream. Process Work skills enhance one’s skills for working with the dream material to assist the querent in having a more personal and meaningful experience of the guidance coming through the Tarot.

To sign up for Dream Work in Portland, OR, please contact New Renaissance Bookshop. If you are interested in attending this class on the Oregon Coast, please contact me.

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