13th Annual Tarot Retreat

Katrina & Tarot Retreat friends

Katrina & Tarot Retreat friends

This year’s Tarot Retreat (July 25 & 26, 2009) on the Oregon Coast was full of depth and light. A dynamic group of folks attended and opened their hearts to each other. We all played Tarot games, then reached into the shadow of our beings to align with our greater potential. Our theme was “Tarot Awareness in Everyday Living.” Since it was the 13th Tarot Retreat, Death was certainly an advisor and ally in our experience.

Some of the highlights included Tarot “Show & Tell” where we turned each other on to our favorite Tarot decks and books, then identified Tarot symbols as represented by crystals, colors, fabrics and foods.

Our dinner was inspired by Corrine Kenner’s Epicurean Tarot Recipe Cards with the Death and Devil being our favorite dishes. We enjoyed our feast while watching LB Johnson’s unique DVD (65 minutes long) on the Oregon Country Fair with yours truly as the Tarot thread, giving a reading of the fair based on it’s birth date 40 years ago.

Tarot Alive™ moved each of us into a deeper awareness of our life essence and lesson, then bringing that energy out into our world. Jaymi amazed us with her Poi fire dancing performance. Sunday was focused on mapping the “labyrinth” of our lives through the archetypes of the Tarot experiences we have had on our individual journeys.

We topped off our weekend in nature by walking down to the river and playing with the Transparent Tarot deck by Emily Carding in the river. Since they are plastic cards, we let them float on the water or pasted them against our bodies as if we had Tarot tattoos.

We enjoyed each other’s company and spirits so much it was difficult to part. We will certainly be gathering in the woods again next year for the 14th Annual Tarot Retreat, exploring the “Art” or “Temperance” of life.