Oregon Country Fair 2009 & the Death Card


There is magic in the air at the Oregon Country Fair and this year it was amplified by the conjunction of Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius.

Besides it being the 40th anniversary of this unique event, which has kept the spirit of 1969 alive, some of us fair folk had the honor of attending Tom Noddy and Shelly D’Amour’s wedding (see slide show), an outrageously funny and heart touching ceremony. Tom Noddy is the foremost bubble blower of the world. Only at the OCF….

My booth is called THE MOTHERSHIP and is a healing sanctuary tucked away in the shady, less busy, area of the fair off Chela Mela Meadow. We are surrounded by fabulous food and fun entertainment.

Many of my Tarot clients are repeat folks who I enjoy keeping up with and following the flow of their lives. Then there are the new clients who grace my booth. There is one in particular I would like to reflect upon.13

I’m in the middle of research for my book on Tarot Numerology and have had an ongoing challenge and subsequent theory about the scarcity of clients with Life Card numbers 13 and 15. According to my statistical analysis, between the years of 1900 and 1999, “13 / Death” appears on only 13 dates. You can imagine my delight when one of my OCF clients had this Life Card in our reading. She gave me permission to use her information in this research and writing. I don’t know if she was more scared about her Death card or my excitement about this discovery.

After I have more data under my belt, I will certainly write about this in my weblog. For now, I’m turning my attention to preparations for the 13th ANNUAL TAROT RETREAT. Uhmm…could there be a connection?

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