How can Tarot be so accurate?

IsisBooks-VoyagerCardsThis is a big question that arises in many people’s minds. The theories abound, and tend to be closely related to one’s belief system. Here are some of the theories I have heard. Perhaps you have one of your own.

1. My guides (or Angels, Ancestors, Fairies, Spirit, etc.) are working through the cards. This can be twisted into the fear that Satan is behind the Tarot. (more on this in a future weblog)
2. God (or Gods, Goddess/es) influence the selection of the cards. This is somewhat similar to the first theory.
3. My unconscious mind is choosing the cards. In other words, there are parts of myself that I do not have conscious awareness of which operate automatically on my behalf.
4. The cards have no real meaning, we only apply meaning to what appears. This concept assumes that reading the Tarot is a trick of the mind and we see what we want to see or what our mind creates.
5. The cards that appear are a momentary snap shot of the overriding synchronicity of life making a pattern for our mind to be able to perceive a message. This is the order out of chaos distillation perspective.

Being the open-minded gal that I am, I actually believe all of the above, and more. Much like that famous story of the elephant described by the seven blind men … “an elephant is like a snake” says the blind man touching the elephant’s tail … I believe one’s perspective of anything depends on where you are standing in life and what powers you utilize to perceive.

Ultimately, my focus is not so much on the source of the information in a reading, but on whether it is useful or not. For a reading to be truly meaningful, it must resonate in the heart and soul of the receiver and only that receiver can determine the value or meaning of the reading.

I’m sure there are many more theories and I would be happy to hear constructive input from you if you would like to share your perspective. Feel free to email me at: