My Weblog Delay

I’m behind in writing for this weblog due to the previously mentioned responsibilities (just bought a new electric grass mower) and scheduling the multitude of classes and talks that I’m offering over the next few months. (see “Schedule”)

More significant for my heart is the passing of two of my most precious animals … Chevy, the Chihuahua, and Jack, the Alaskan Malamute (biscuit colored). I used to breed Alaskan Malamutes, with my specialty being gentle giants. Many of my male dogs would grow to around 200 pounds, as did Jack. Everyone loved both of these creatures for they were gentle, people-oriented, smart, and fun. Jacks’ head was the size of Chevy whole body. They will both be deeply missed.

Jack, Chevy, Katrina & Tzar

Last, I’ve been waiting to add the “subscription” option to my weblog, so individual entries can be sent to your private email address. Once my webmistress and I have figured this function out and have it running, I have a growing list of topics I would like to write about, such as; What is Tarot, Tarot History, Fear of Tarot, Tarot Art, Clow and Nine Dimensions, Enneagram, and more!

Until that time, have a glorious spring (or fall, if you are on the other side of the equator). Be sure to hug your human, animal and tree friends (and others that may be precious to you). And make time for outdoors, gardens, walks, birds, and self-care.

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