My 2009 Lecture Topics

Tarot of Cosmic Consciousness

Tarot of Cosmic Consciousness

Saturday night I had the opportunity to present my latest research and ongoing passion for a unified metaphysical theory of everything. Of course, there isn’t enough time or attention to hear my entire spiel, but for two hours I was able to cover these hot topics: The Mayan Galactic Calendar, Barbara Hand Clow’s Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, and the significance of 2012 to us today as we unfold our spiritual journey.

I hope to include some of my thoughts on this material in future weblogs. If this is a topic that interests you, please contact me and let me know.

Here are some of the topics I’m “cooking” on and hope to share:
– The Significance of 2012
– The Mayan Galactic Calendar and the work of Carl Johan Calleman
– Anything from Barbara Hand Clow, especially the Nine Dimensions
– Tarot as a template for our various journeys.
– Coming home to our heart in the now.
– Union and balance of heart and mind, utilizing both sides of the brain.
– Matriarchy, patriarchy, hierarchy, counsel of elders, circles.

“Tarot of Cosmic Consciousness” Barbara Burch

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