Obama’s Tarot Numerology

121012_barack_obama_speaks_ap_328On election day we had a small gathering at my home to view what we anticipated to be an historic event. Once the votes were collected and it was certain that Barack Obama was our new president we began to speculate about what the nature of the next four years under his leadership might be, especially seen through the eyes of Tarot.

Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawai’i, on August 4, 1961, as published on Wikipedia.org.

Tarot Numerology is a powerful tool for gaining insight into a person’s life lessons and/or gifts. Utilizing this mathematical symbolism technique, these were the characteristics that have an overriding influence in our president’s life and represent special skills he brings to this position.

Life/Soul cards:
II High Priestess – wisdom, intuitive, psychic, good listener, deep feminine (not female) internal awareness.
XX Judgement (Time-Space/Aeon) – beyond judgment and duality, able to see from a unified impersonal perspective.

While the Life/Soul cards represent life long skills, talents, gift and challenges, the Year card focuses on the present year starting with one’s birthday.

2009 Year card:
IV Emperor – leadership, building, structure, boundaries, father figure

In the media, I’ve already witnessed multiple news clips where Obama has expressed his desire to “listen” to people and concerns. This supports his “Priestess” aptitude. Additionally, being born and raised in Hawai’i, a feminine spirit location, echoes his softer, less combative, style. Good thing the presidential race ended on his Emperor year. There is nothing like the leadership skills and structure of the Emperor to enhance ones competitive edge in an election.

Ironically, where Obama is a male with a subtle feminine spirit, I find that Hilary Clinton is just the opposite, a woman with a masculine tendency in her presentation. (Born October 26, 1947, she is an Empress and World/Universe.)

Martin Luther King Jr. day was celebrated in our little community center with a gathering organized by the local youth center. One of the agenda items was to sign up to do “readings.” As you can imagine, I immediately thought of Tarot card readings, although they were thinking along the lines of poetry, etc. I signed up to give a reading based on the Tarot Numerology information mentioned above and additional insight on the birth date of Obama’s presidency.

Obama was inaugurated as President on January 20, 2009. The Tarot Numerology number that represents the Life/Soul card for his presidency is V The Hierophant. The Hierophant is a teacher and spiritual leader, but fives represent challenge and lessons.

We are all well aware of the challenges faced by Obama’s presidency, our nation, and the world. The Hierophant teaches us how to master life. The spiritual opportunity for us all is to learn to not be attached to outcomes for it is our resistance to change which creates our suffering.


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