Our Transformative Journey

BaguaMapMost people know me for my work with Tarot and the training program I created, Transformative Tarot Counseling™ Certification Program. The “transformative” aspect of my work is my specialty and my focus, as can be seen by my “Personal Mission Statement.” This is what I teach my students and support in my clients.

Transformation and change is what defines life. If we are not changing, we not only stagnate, but we die, no longer of life. The I Ching – Book of Changes contains a wealth of Taoist wisdom, expressing that the only constant is change.

How can I support what is most alive in you? This is the question that goes through my mind and heart as I work with a client, counseling or Tarot. I have no interest in predicting the future or telling you what decision to make. That is disempowering to you and your relationship to your life’s journey. I’m looking for the guidance that comes from you, through your awareness, conscious or subconscious, that knows where you are on your journey and what is the next step.

The I Ching hexagram that best reflects this value is Ching #48 “The Well / The Source.” the depth of inner truth.

I truly believe that we are each and all on a sacred journey, the expression of the individual and universal soul through life. These expressions are intricately entwined, as I will muse upon in this weblog.

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